Travel 2015

2015 saw travels to Marrakesh, Holland and Germany.

My sister Anne and partner Betty were travelling through North Africa on a photographic trip and this afford me the opportunity to meet up with them in Marrakesh at the end of their trip. They live in Australia. So late April headed off to Marrakesh for a long weekend.

Autumn saw me driving off to the Harz mountains in central Germany via a quick stop in Holland.

On this page:

This page is a work in progress - Holland and Germany to be completed.


Marrakesh Marrakesh

Streets in Marrakesh, tightly packed and lined with all manor of shops.


What hides behind the door, and there were many? My hotel hide behind a door far less ornate or colourful than this and it was quite the oasis behind it. Who would have known. When the taxi driver dropped me in front of this bland door in a blank wall and drove off, you can guess what I was thinking. How wrong I was

Marrakesh Marrakesh

Lots of colourful flowers out even though it was late April. Not that the locals thought it was that warm.

Jemaa el-Fna

The main area in the centre of Marrakesh. Surrounded by Souks or market areas, nearly all covered and with tight stgreets, where moped riders do their utmost to hit you while trying to get through. It's a maze, a warren of streets where it is easy to get lost, all covered, so no landmarks or anything to get barings on. Absolutely everything for sale in here.

Marrakesh Marrakesh

Betty and Anne.

Marrakesh Marrakesh

Someone found this little fella wondering around one of the stalls.


Some photos of the Architecture from around Marrakesh. Some of it was staggering and some appeared before our eyes while we stood and watched a craftsman just create it from water and sand


You can see this is still wet. The craftsman has filled it with what I thought was wet sand, but it must have had some form of cement or binding component in it. He then used small tools, some the size of nails, to carve the pattern and scope out the excess. He had worked on it all morning, repairing the original.


Koutoubia. 12th century Mosque at the centre of Marrakesh.


Day trip drive to the costal port of Essaouira. With its 18th century seafront ramparts. It still has a thriving fishing industry and the boats are built locally. Also a great beach in the background of some photos. We were waylaid by a wanna be tour guide, who insisted on taking us around and showing us the ship building industry and how it was all done.

Jardin Majorelle

Former villa of the painter Jacques Majorelle, inhabited by Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge from the 1980s, Villa Oasis is located on the edge of the Majorelle Garden.





Harz mountain region.